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Sri Bharathi Arts And Science College For Women

G.O No. 226 (Per) 18.7.2005, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University

(Accredited With B++Grade by NAAC)

Kaikurichi, Pudukkottai - 622303


PO NO Upon completion of the B.Sc., Degree programme, the graduate will be able to
PO1 Students develop global competencies in the area of basic and applied biological sciences
PO2 Enhancing the subject knowledge of students by using traditional and modern ICT based teaching methods and learning by doing
PO3 To enrich students’ knowledge and train them in various branches of Biotechnology such as genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, fermentation technology, environmental biotechnology and tissue culture techniques
PO4 To groom the students to meet futuristic challenges and national interests
PO5 Equip the students with the laboratory skills in biotechnology


PSO NO Upon completion of these courses the student would have
PSO1 To bestow the students with all the research skills required to work independently
PSO2 To develop scientific temperament and social responsibilities in the students
PSO3 To inculcate nature care by imparting knowledge of advance modern techniques
PSO4 As Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary course, empower the students to acquire technological knowhow by connecting disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of biotechnology
PSO5 Acquire knowledge in students of biotechnology enabling their applications in industry and research