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Sri Bharathi Arts And Science College For Women

G.O No. 226 (Per) 18.7.2005, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University

(Accredited With B++Grade by NAAC)

Kaikurichi, Pudukkottai - 622303


PO NO Upon completion of the B.SC degree programme, the graduate will be able to
PO1 To understand the basic facts and concepts in Chemistry
PO2 To understand the importance of Chemistry in daily life
PO3 To develop a better understanding and reasoning of facts.
PO4 To skill-up for various laboratory techniques used in pharmaceutical laboratories and chemical industries
PO5 To make efficient for various spectrometric analyses.


PSO NO Have sound knowledge about the fundamentals and applications of chemical and scientific theories
PSO1 Every branch of Science and Technology is related to Chemistry
PSO2 Easily assess the properties of all elements discovered.
PSO3 Apply appropriate techniques for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals in laboratories and in industries.
PSO4 Acquires the ability to synthesise, separate and characterize compounds using laboratory and instrumentation techniques.
PSO5 Develop entrepreneurial skill to motivate towards start ups.