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Sri Bharathi Arts And Science College For Women

G.O No. 226 (Per) 18.7.2005, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University

(Accredited With B++Grade by NAAC)

Kaikurichi, Pudukkottai - 622303


PO NO Students will be able to
PO1 Outline the past socio-cultural, political and economic condition of the people in the world and the change that occurred in the due course of time.
PO2 Discuss concepts related to Archaeology, Journalism, Human Rights, Tourism and Political Science, and social political religious and economic condition of India through the ages.
PO3 Transcribe the basic concepts, theories and principles of geographical phenomena and environment and climatic conditions, reflect on the life of the people and the past glory of Tamil culture and the social, political, religious and economic condition of Tamil Nadu through the ages.
PO4 Identify employment and/advance in higher education on application of basic understanding of historical perspectives of India and the world.
PO5 Analyze the s socio- political, economic and philosophical thoughts of personalities that helped to shape the mankind in the modern world and constitutional development of the countries around the world and India in particular.


PSO NO Program Specific Outcomes Upon completion of the B.A Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PSO1 Acquaint with the basics of history and course of historical development at regional and national level.
PSO2 Able to understand the current and prospective political, socio – economic and cultural changes across globe through the learning of past and contemporary history.
PSO3 Learn to identify the contributions of great men and women through movements and revolutions for better modern age of governance and administration
PSO4 Able to get sensitized on various issues of human race chiefly pertaining to women, children, downtrodden and other vulnerable groups to help the learner to understand their role in society.
PSO5 Laid platform to enter tourism sectors both at government organizations and private firms by knowing the procedures of travel formalities, ticketing and the organization and functions of travel Agencies which develop entrepreneurial skills in the learner.